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In and around Domaine Audubert


At Domaine Audubert there are games to be played for young and old: swimming pool( 5×10 meter. Tip: bring suitable swimwear, as shorts and bermudas are not allowed in our pool), jeu de boules, skelters, ride along on a tractor, etc.

Walks in the vicinity of Domaine Audubert

In the Tarn and Garonne you will find a number of “Grandes Randonnées” of which the G.R. 65 is the most well  known and also the most travelled footpath in Europe. Since 1998 the french section of the Saint-Jacques de Compostella route has been registered in the Unesco world heritage list.

Other walking routes in the area are the G.R. 36 and the G.R. 46 which enable you to walk through the Gorges of the river Aveyron. In the neighbourhood of Domaine Audubert there are more than 200 km of footpaths known as “Petites Randonnées” these routes are signposted with boards showing  “a PR and a number”. Routes vary in distance from 3km to 20km and you can begin some of them directly from Domaine Audubert.

Many of the routes can be found on Wikiloc and downloaded to your GPS. For a small fee you can also use a Garmin GPS of ours.

Mountainbiking (VTT) and cycling from Domaine Audubert

In Saint Antonin’s surrounding area there are 14 mountain bike routes with varying distances and degree of difficulty; the routes are also interconnectable.

There are 5 varying routes which start directly from Domaine Audubert suitable for beginners and the advanced cyclist.

Not far from St. Antonin lies the village of Laguipe where there are an additional 24 mountain bike routes to choose from. It is possible, for a small fee, to use a Garmin GPS or to cycle with one of us.

As with the footpaths, cycling routes are to be found on Wikiloc


5km from Domaine Audubert flows the river Aveyron on the banks of which you can find several canoe hire companies. There is great enthusiasm for the natural beauty and the river makes swimming and canoeing idyllic. There is such a diversity of activities around Domaine Audubert and all are not mentioned here. You can better experience it for yourself!